08 April 2013

Dungeon Rampage Cheats - Ultimate Hack

Dungeon Rampage Cheats Ultimate hack
Dungeon Rampage Cheats - Ultimate hack
Credits: Majidemo

Note: Only works on MOZILLA FIREFOX

It also has Candy Crunch hack.
If you cant see the TOOLS TAB, click on firefox icon, hover you arrow on Options and then click Menu Bar.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • FbCheats-2013.4.8 - CLICK HERE
Disable secure browsing in facebook

  • Click down arrow beside home > account settings > security >uncheck browse… > Save
FbCheats Features:
  • Auto clears cache when you open a supported application.
  • Auto checks for updates.
  • Proxies traffic to modified/custom data.
[DR] Hack Features:
  • Speed Hack.
  • Wall Hack. (NOT complete)
  • Attack Range Hack.
  • AOE Damage Hack.
  • No Attack Lock XY_R Hack.
  • ...more hacks to be added
  • ...bugs to be fixed.
  1. Open Firefox
  2. Drag The fbcheats_latest.xpi on Mozilla Firefox.
  3. A popup will appear asking you to install the extension. Click Install.
  4. Restart the Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Go to Tool > Add Ons > Extension to make sure its enabled.
  6. Or Tools > FbCheats and press the game.
  7. Play Dungeon Rampage - Click here
  8. HAVE FUN!
Supported games
  • Dungeon Rampage 
  • Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

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